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Duane Berger sent this on Tue, Dec 4, 2007 at 3:46 PM To: Brandon WilliamsCraig

It is a 10-page essay-and-graphics on "Common Decision Rules." The article is an excerpt from the new, 2nd Edition of FACILITATOR'S GUIDE TO PARTICIPATORY DECISION-MAKING.
Permission is granted to distribute this handout to friends and colleagues, as long as you honor our basic ground rule: you are expected to obtain
prior permission to distribute this handout if you plan to use all or part of the material in conjunction with training you are conducting, or for any other purpose involving your prospective financial gain. Please contact me to obtain permission, or to discuss any "gray area" that you aren't sure about.

Feel free to contact Duane for ANY purpose related to your interest in participatory values and practices.

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