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date Dec 19, 2007 2:17 PM
subject Programs of Mindfulness & Understanding

I visited the Mindfulness & Understanding center twice in 2007, to offer training in NVC and group dynamics, and generally support their
internal connections. The people centrally involved are among my closest friends. I'm really impressed by their vision, the depth of
their personal practice, and dedication to and effectiveness at inspiring positive change. So i helped create this English-language
list of upcoming activities, and offer it to you to see if you would like to participate in our work/play in any way.

If you like, pass it on to others you imagine would be interested.



Dear friends of Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness,

Mindfulness & Understanding - Achtsamkeit & Verständigung e.V. - is a German-based Association the goal of which is to support these
qualities among our members and in the world at large. Our website (in German) is <>. We intend to extend our
international contact and support network and are very interested in your feedback about our activities. We would also like you to get in touch
with us if you see a possible cooperation in an activity or project. (, +49 5764 942182)

Below is some information in English about upcoming programs, and some general opportunities. Programs are generally in German,
but many of us also speak English - check the notes for each event. The contact people listed are all fluent in English unless otherwise noted.

If your primary language is French and you would like to get involved, contact Oriane Boyer at; we intend to
have information in French available some time in 2008.


Mindfulness & Understanding events/opportunities listed below:

Winter Festival (Dec 28-Jan 4)
Mindfulness Days (Jan 19, Feb 16, Apr 13)
Support Team (Feb 17)
Money Seminar with Peter Koenig (Feb 23-24)
Nonviolent Communication & Prison Conference (March 7-9) Mindfulness and
Nonviolent Communication Seminars Mindfulness and Understanding seeking


Winter Festival
Dec 28, 2007 - January 4, 2008

A few spaces are still available. Winter Festival happens at our
community center in Lebensgarten, near Steyerberg.

This is a gathering for all ages, to celebrate the end of this year
and the beginning of the next with mindfulness, happiness, and
connection with oneself and others.

Everything is organized by the participants together - vegetarian
meals, the activities, and childcare (there is a kids' room). There
is also a room for silence and meditation open at all times.

Activities include:
  • Workshops every morning in Nonviolent Communication, Visioning and
Mindfulness in everyday life
  • Performances
  • Games
  • Relaxation
  • Kids' program every morning
  • Music
  • Sharing information about all our projects and activities
  • Every day celebrating and mourning
  • Meetings about founding an NVC school
  • One day of quiet with no program

The programs will be mostly German, but someone can sit with you and
translate to English. Also, many of us speak English, so
communication in general should be easy.

Adults out of school ... 210 Euros
12-18 or student ... 130 Euros
6-11 ... 110 Euros
2-5 ... 80 Euros

For more information, contact:
Julian Smaluhn at (English or German)
Christel Smaluhn at (German)


Mindfulness Day
January 19, February 16, April 13 (all in 2008)

at our community center in Lebensgarten, near Steyerberg

This is a day in which we do one thing at a time - finishing each
before beginning another. Attention is on what you are doing,
experiencing it fully. Most of the day we observe silence, moving
slowly. No worries. Through the day we have time to meditate, walk,
clean, and prepare meals - individuals may choose to fast, or to eat
mindfully. We value togetherness and want to practice joyfully.
Our practice is related to the Vietnamese Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

Since most of the day we are in silence, language does not matter
much. In any case, many of us speak English, so communication will be

We are also happy to come visit you to support you in creating your
own local Mindfulness Day.

For more information, contact:
Simon at
Armin at


Support Team Meeting
Feb 17, 2008

at our community center in Lebensgarten, near Steyerberg

For people participating in the development of Mindfulness &
Understanding. We fund your travel, food and lodging.

These meetings have been in German, but we are very interested to
become more international, so please contact us if you're interested
and we'll work something out.

There is also a Support Team e-mail list (in German) which gets news
once/week, and where we discuss things, ask for help, etc. To
subscribe, e-mail


Money Seminar
with Peter Koenig
February 23-24, 2008

at our community center in Lebensgarten, near Steyerberg

Exploring one's own and society's attitude toward money, and how to
change these to put the focus on needs first.

For more information, contact:
Simon at
Christel Smaluhn at (German)

Peter Koenig's website:
<> (English)
<> (German)


Nonviolent Communication & Prison Conference
March 7-9, 2008

in Niederkaufungen (near Kassel)

An opportunity to network and share information with others who are
(or would like to be) offering NVC training for prisoners, and social
workers and employees working in prisons. We'll also be exploring a
program to help prisoners in their transition to life on the outside.

For more information contact:

Georgis Heintz at or +49 5175 3002949

Jens Hennings at or +49 511 6042626


Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication Seminars

We are available to offer seminars in mindfulness and Nonviolent
Communication. For more information, contact:

Armin Torbecke at

Simon Smaluhn,

in Berlin: Julian Gebken (we will connect you with him)


Mindfulness and Understanding seeking interns!

We are looking for interns who would like to live and work with us
for at least six months. To learn more, contact Simon at Mindfulness & Understanding is a partner of European
Voluntary Service -