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Association Building Community Process Arts Practicum

  • ABC makes available school/context specific projects, from a one class period intro to weekly classes for wide exposure, geared to age range and environment specifically for
  1. Public Schools K-12
  2. College Prep and University level adults
  3. Private and Secondary Schools
  4. Montessori Lower Elementary through Erdkinder
  5. And are currently seeking a facilitator practiced in at least one Process Art who is more than familiar with the Waldorf Method
ABC is a 501c3, not-beholden-to-profit, social justice community-building organization. All fees are scaled based on your institution's budget and mission alignment.

CivicEvolution reviewed and approved the following project proposal:

Title: Process Arts

Problem statement:
The need for this site and many others like it arises from the way we have become accustomed to imagining culture and ourselves. Citizens have come to lack both the expectation of dialogue and tools to deliberate. Practices have arisen to fill the gap but there is no recognizable field within which individual approaches may find widespread support.

Solution statement:
Let's campaign for a name that is copyleft, not trade marked, accessible beyond private agendas, and makes clear that the artful learning making deep democracy possible is as basic as education in the Liberal Arts. To reading writing and arithmetic let's add relationship and ask colleagues to refer to this kind of learning as the "process arts".

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