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Exploring Intersections Between Social Action and Education


In this series I have been examining how ideas from community organizing might support education and schooling in America.


These are the lectures from an online Introduction to Community Organizing course. This course is designed to teach students how to think like organizers, and doesn't try to provide the actually skills necessary to act like an organizer.


Click here to visit the website of our collaborative effort to engage inner-city high school students in social action efforts.


Educational Scholarship and Chiropractic Science
Ignorance About Social Action in Education Scholarship
Does Education Create Jobs? The Difference Between "Education" and "Empowerment"
The Death or Rebirth of Foundations? Looking Beyond Teacher Education Service Courses
Hunger and Education
The Marginal Utility of Education
The Paradox of Professionalism in Inner-City Schools
Theoretical Frameworks: Where do They Come From? How do We Choose Them?
The Uses and Misuses of "Brilliance."
Constructivist and Buddhist Views of Education


Schutz, A., Swaminathan, R., Williams, A. Fehrman, D., et. al. (2007). Education for Community Engagement: Examining the Curriculum of Public Achievement. Presented at the 2007 American Educational Research Association Conference, Chicago, IL.
Schutz, A. (2007). John Dewey vs. the Liberationists: Rethinking Experience and Education. Presented at the 2007 American Educational Research Association Conference, Chicago, IL.
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__ Note on Blogging and Scholarship

In my published scholarship, I seek to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. I see blogging as a very different animal. My posts are really "think pieces," meant to provoke thinking and frame out possibilities, often written very quickly. When I cite research, I do it selectively, often from examples I happen to know about. The option for people to respond means that if I make obvious mistakes, there is an opportunity for the community to correct them (to the extent that anyone is reading my posts in the first place). Please note that I have frequently edited and will continue to develop blog posts without necessarily indicating I have done this. See also "Why I Blog."

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This is the home-page of Aaron Schutz, associate professor and chair of the Department of Educational Policy and Community Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I also coordinate UWM's undergraduate Certificate Program in Community Organizing. I work with the congregational organizing group MICAH. See also the upcoming one-day workshop I am coordinating in Milwaukee: Beyond Social Service: Collective Action for Community Change. I can be reached at

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