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The Democracy Imperative


Promoting the common good through the use of dialogue, discernment, and democratic deliberation.

Global Facilitator Service Corps

The International Association of Facilitators (Spanish version)
Facilitation is a profession rapidly taking its unique place alongside those of consulting and training. The International Association of Facilitators was formed by a group of professionals desiring an avenue for interchange, professional development, trend analysis and peer networking. A formal association was proposed and adopted at a networking conference in Alexandria, Virginia, in January, 1994. More than 70 people signed on as charter members. Since then the IAF has grown to... over 1500 members in more than 63 countries. Our members work in government, nonprofit, educational, community, and corporate environments and hold positions as consultants, teachers, in-house facilitators, negotiators, organizational specialists, coaches, and more
As a participatory organization, the work of the IAF is reliant on volunteer leadership and the contributions of its members. The IAF encourages and supports the formation of local groups of facilitators to network and provide professional development opportunities for their members. Regional groups from around the world are invited to become affiliated with the IAF to help promote the profession of facilitation as a critical set of skills in the global society of the 21st century.


WIKI dedicated to the Michigan-based Learning Community for Universal Design for Learning
The definition of Learning Community is: A carefully structured collaborative learning team at the local level, which is dedicated to student success by utilizing effective Teaching-for-Learning practices which include UDL, where teachers and administrators engage in frequent, continuous, and increasingly disciplined and authentic dialogue that leads to changed practice.