Martial Nonviolence

- a martial art of communication through which the peace process is redefined as conflict done well.

Based on a Japanese martial art called Aikido, adults and children (K-12) learn how to insist on peace without that meaning "We do things My Way". This is the cornerstone on which institutions and thereby cultures of peace are built.


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Curriculum Example

From a January 2008 training retreat facilitated by Brandon WilliamsCraig for a community of adults and children to prepare a team from their community to bring a social justice intervention to the international conference of their Christian denomination.

The Martial Metaphor

Why martial non-violence? Conscious choice to conflict so as not to get run over, then the making of specific tactical choices connected to pre-arranged strategies in the creation of which the entire community had a hand. Shared expectations = a feeling and reality of support.
  • Exercise: Aikido movement as a metaphor - blending from center, turning, entering, expecting to "fall"

Continuum Perception

Rather than devoting energy to analyzing if move directly to considering how dynamics are related. Tag (theme/identity) clouds and Associative Inquiry.
  • Exercise: listening for relationships

Support and Engagement

The practice of a martial art requires time in the dojo. In that school environment behavior is rehearsed so that responding becomes a matter of habit. What can happen? How will you respond? Here are some examples? Pick one and try it? What are your existing habits in conflict? Do they work to your satisfaction when compared with your ideals?
  • Exercise: guides, improv, and role-play